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Most of Artists are jumping right now into a market that will pay thousands for their work… or not! To avoid creators running into scams and crypto hype, SugarFactoryBsc will help them by promoting arts through our whole ecosystem in a three-win-win situation for collectors, creators and our platform, but also by providing all the knowledge and support necessary to have a better look of the NFT world.

Non-fungible tokens are unique pieces of data that are part of a blockchain, bought and sold with the currency that blockchain supports. Some promise to NFTs a digital revolution that will democratize fame and give creators control over their creations. Others point to the environmental impact of crypto and worry about unrealistic expectations. NFTs have evolved alongside ever-growing hype about cryptocurrencies in general: an attention economy inside an attention economy. An NFT doesn’t mean that you own the piece of art itself. Instead, you’re basically buying metadata that grants you bragging rights—or, more often, the opportunity to sell that NFT later for even more money. 

The A-sland – #ID Nº64 SugarFactory#NFT
Copyright Arianna Rodriguez

We at SugarFactoryBsc want the people who intend to collect pieces of art to do a lot of research before about the artist, the project, blockchain technologies, in the crypto community more short D.Y.O.R. If you decide to invest in any artists, it’s because you have looked into it’s essence first and second you believe in what this creator is promising for the future.

daddy suge

A hybrid DeFi/NFTs platform to fuel our whole ecosystem and empowered the Artists giving them new opportunities of incomes

The SGFuel Token has been issued to give the project its first token and give people a chance to join our community and support our ecosystem. $SGFuel is a deflationary currency created on the Binance Smart Chain network with a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. The SuGarFuel Token Protocol will help SugarFactory to expand the team and project, unique in its kind.

Every time $SGFuel is traded, 3.5% of the transaction is distributed to each $SGFuel holder in proportion to their asset value, while another 4.5% is automatically added to the liquidity pool. This Auto-Generating Liquidity Protocol generated by Static Farming means that every time $SGFuel is traded, the value increases while the supply decreases.

SugarFactory#NFT will be powered by our native currency the SuGarFuel Token. Every NFT purchase will incur a 13% transaction fee payable by the Buyer. 7% of each NFT transaction goes to the platform and the proceeds from this transaction fees will be used to purchase $SGFuel from Pancakeswap liquidity pool for buy/back and burn process, but also funds the project and cover the dev expenses; the other 6% goes directly to the artist wallet for each NFT sale.


IG 11 CC1.7 – #ID Nº49 SugarFactory#NFT
Copyright Hugo Aboab
Price: $50

Creator sell NFT

Collector 1 buy NFT $50

13% NFT Transaction

Creator sale

Platform receive 7%

Creator receive 6%

Collector 1 sell NFT $75

Collector 2 buy NFT $75

13% NFT Transaction

Collector 1 sale

Platform receive 7%

Creator receive 6%

Collector 2 sell NFT $95

Collector 3 buy NFT $95

13% NFT Transaction

Collector 2 sale

Platform receive 7%

Creator receive 6%

SugarFactoryBsc, Actively Promoting Artists with Marketing

We will allow creators to share their artwork worldwide through our website who is actively promoting artists with marketing. Our company is doing intense social media promotion for each creator from our roster through our whole ecosystem. This way people will be able to discover the creative journey behind each piece and each product created by our featured artists.

Yes, basically NFT are just a way of selling and buying anything digital, including art, that’s supported by cryptocurrency. But it’s not that simple, Artists and Creators need to understand that NFTs have become an unavoidable subject for anyone earning a living as a creative person online, creating a rush to understand a concept that was deeply kept only for the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.