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The Blue Horse – #ID N°39

“The lack of stability and the simultaneous feeling of being trapped is expressed in the picture.”Saimon Bedd – Painter The Blue Horse The blue horse trots in a surreal world and blood runs from its mouth, which collects in part… Continue Reading →

Abstract Portrait – #ID N°21

Abstract Portrait The abstract 6-part acrylic painting shows a portrait of a young woman in the lower part. It was created spontaneously in cooperation with people on a busy street. Copyright: Saimon Bedd Token ID: #21 Taxonomy: Image Buy NFT… Continue Reading →

Wreck – #ID N°6

Wreck The painting features black and yellow vinyl paints that were applied to a primed canvas. The paint was created by an old rusted pen that was recovered from the wreck of a fishing boat off a Greek island. As… Continue Reading →

Round Shape – #ID N°5

Round Shape The picture, based on water and vinyl paint, shows a pole construction that was placed on two round supports. The three-dimensional construct cannot be represented in real life. It is intentionally designed in such a way that a… Continue Reading →

Fish & Plastix – #ID N°2

Fish & Plastix The abstract painting shows a section of the tropical ocean with various fish and whales. As a result of environmental pollution, the natural habitat is negatively affected. The plastic in the seas is represented by the hardened… Continue Reading →

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