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Unlockable content, filterable properties, limited-edition listings, and more…

When it comes speaking about art, we don’t speak about paintings or drawings, but actually speaking about any kind of art: Music, Writing, Fashion, even Architecture. Everything which can be created out of the beautiful mind of a creator can be involved in the fascinating world of NFT.

As an artist, the most important field to focus on is finding your own personal style, which you want to involve, which makes you unique. You want to express your inner thoughts through your own creativity. The problem of most artists face though, is to represent themselves to a wider market. A place to actually represent their creations.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on”

Albert Einstein

What have to be considered before investing in these hot digital assets…

The world of cryptocurrency is reshaping constantly. The upcoming NFT trend grows rapidly. With an average daily trading volume of $6 Million. The market skyrockets in unimaginable high spheres. Digital art has never been more interesting for investors than right now.

Due to the “technical” part in the NFT world, which can confuse some creators. SugarFactory is there to support the artists and to explain step by step  the possibilities of modern era of the NFT art to  create trust between the our team and the artist himself.

Cozomo de’ Medici


2021, It’s real…

Creator’s perspective on NFT: which platform use?

There are plenty of NFT providers out there. Most of them are running on the Etherum Blockchain, which is forcing artists to pay higher fees for publishing their artwork. The biggest NFT marketplaces at the moment are opensea.io, orairable.com, but also smaller more user friendly projects , like SugarFactoryBsc.

Each marketplace has their own advantages or disadvantages. If for example for the biggest marketplace operating on Ethereum network the fees are quite high, instead of SugarFactoryBsc where there are no fees for minting your artwork, we are still a quite small plattform, but the service is better for beginners. SugarFactory#NFT is running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which 100 times lower transaction costs than on the Etherum Blockchain.

“Art is too important not to share”

Romero Britto

Furthermore SugarFactoryBsc will help actively and educating artists to understand the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their benefits, especially in the NFT sector. Developed by an international team of artists and cryptoinvestors, we want to be closer to artists and help them with promotion. Building a roster of artists, SugarFactoryBsc is evolving daily to reach their goals and to strengthen our community. Applications can be submitted here.